Micro 2 Motorized module:


1. The Micro 2 Motorized module does not respond and cannot be turned on


First confirm whether the battery is charged


2. The Micro 2 Motorized module can be turned on, but the buttons do not respond, nor does it turn off.


1. Unplug the battery, reinstall it, and try again


2. Confirm whether the Micro 2 Motorized module vibrates after powering on. If there is, it is estimated that the Hall sensor is broken; if not, it should be that the driver board is broken.


3. Does low temperature affect the Micro 2 Motorized module?


The normal operating temperature of the Micro 2 Motorized module is -20℃~50℃. Exceeding this range will affect the slider. The overall temperature will drop, the bearing will be frozen, and the slider will not move because the damping oil has a temperature limit.


4. Can the control speed of the Micro 2 Motorized module be further enhanced?


No, the current speed is already at the upper limit. No matter how fast the motor is, there will be problems. If it is too fast, the motor will roar and be weak.


Belts, belt buckles:


1. How to replace the broken belt?


Please find the attached spare belt and refer to the belt replacement video on the website to replace it.


2. What is the use of the magnet of the belt buckle, and what should I do if it is dropped?


The magnet is divided into two positions: the magnet on the top of the belt buckle is a magnetic attraction function added to facilitate the quick removal of the belt. If the belt is dropped, it can be assembled and used normally, but it is recommended to replace it with a fully functional belt assembly; the other is the belt buckle tail The magnet at the end is to ensure that the Micro 2 Motorized module can work normally. If it is dropped, the belt assembly must be replaced before it can be used.


3. Why is the attached belt long and short? Is it a mistake?


The Motorized control version of the slider comes with two spare belts with different lengths. The long one corresponds to the belt assembly at one end of the Micro 2 Motorized module, and the short one corresponds to the belt assembly at the other end.


4. The belt with the belt lock can't be removed, how to replace it?


First remove the belt buckle machine attachment at one end, and then the pure belt assembly can be removed. However, please note that the replaced belt should be passed through in pure belt state before the belt lock is removed, and then the machine parts can be installed. For details, please check the belt replacement video.


MICRO2 PLUS manual slider usage:


1. The slider is not smoothly stuck in the process of sliding


1. The main rail is damaged and has pits. Check for scratches on the sliders that the wheels pass by


2. The small wheels inside the railway are broken. Need to replace the small wheels (there is an operation video)



2. There are slipping and skipping voice when the slider is sliding


1. The belt is loose, and the knurled screw connected to the belt needs to be tightened


2. If it is confirmed that the belt is damaged, the belt of the corresponding product model needs to be replaced (spare parts are available)


3. Can the manual version be changed to the Motorized control version?


Yes, you can purchase the corresponding Micro 2 Motorized module separately.


Motorized Micro2 PLUS motorized slider use:


1. During the use of the Motorizedally controlled slider, there is no response and cannot move forward


The sensor is broken, it is recommended to return to the factory for inspection and repair. But for sure the issue, better consult the technical support team.


2. The Motorizedally controlled slider has abnormal noise when sliding on the main rail, and the slider is damaged


Considering that the bottom is scraped, the small wheels inside may be crushed. Replacement of the small wheels and the main rail is currently a more appropriate treatment method.


3. The total length of the three gears on the Micro 2 Motorized module is as follows: What is the fastest speed of the electric slider?


 In the case of no load, app:0-2.3mm/s, the low, middle and high of the physical key are 0.5, 1.6, 2.3mm/s respectively


4. The main rail is obviously loose, and it will sink and shake during sliding


1. First unscrew the belts at both ends of the Micro 2 Motorized module, and then go to the tripod head on the slider to confirm whether there is a jam


2. In the case of jams, check whether the small wheels in the slider is broken, if there are some of them broken, replace them.


3. If it is still not resolved, it is recommended to return to the factory for inspection and repair.


5. Can the Motorized version be changed to the manual version?


Yes, you only need to purchase the manual version of the belt replacement.



Zeapon LAB APP Q&A :


1. After the shutter release is connected, the time-lapse camera controlled by Zeapon APP does not respond


1. There is a problem with the shutter release, please confirm whether it is a special shutter release used by the applicable model.


2. Interface problems


2. Can the Zeapon App currently set the time in the cyclic exercise?


Not for the time being, only the speed can be adjusted. Faster speed means less time, but not a single point of time.


If the above answers do not solve your problem, please contactOfficial customer service